Bold. Confident. Uninhibited

Inner G Movement is a dance experience that provides ALL women a safe creative space to re-ignite their confidence through music and dance.

Your Body Ignitor

Gingie Ellis


Hi ladies! My name is Gingie. I encourage and teach women how to ignite their body and evoke their feminine power through music & dance. I create a space for women to set aside time to connect, explore, and celebrate their body.  The space I have created not only allows women to connect with themselves but also with other women from all walks of life. 

As a Chicago native and I attended Columbia College where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance.  I performed and traveled with Red Clay Dance, an all female Afro-Contemporary dance company. Dance has been a part of my life since I can remember.  This is where I found my peace, my power, and my individuality. Uniting with music, which is healing in all aspects, while being able to dance gives a feeling of freedom in many ways for the mind, body and spirit.

Through Inner G Movement, I want to celebrate women and all aspects of our femininity.  We are strong, confident, emotional, and sensual therefore the space I am creating allows us to fully BE without any judgement. My classes are for ALL women. No experience needed. See you on the dance floor beautiful!

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